Americans are many fearful of this — hint: it’s not Obamacare or terrorism

These days, Dorothy’s classical word from “The Wizard of Oz” would go something like this: “Politicians and wickedness and World War III, oh my!”

Nearly 3 in 4 Americans (74%) are fearful of hurtful supervision officials, according to a fourth annual “Survey of American Fears” from Orange, Calif.’s Chapman University released Wednesday. That’s a comparatively poignant boost from a year ago, when 61% of people in a U.S. ranked this among their tip fears. Overall, what strikes fear in Americans’ hearts has altered extremely over a past year, indicating how a country’s domestic meridian is seeping low into Americans’ psyches.

“The 2017 list of fears clearly reflects domestic disturbance and doubt in a arise of Donald Trump’s choosing as president,” a news said. This year, fears about another universe fight (48% of respondents) and North Korea regulating weapons (over 47%) landed in a tip 10, while concerns associated to terrorism, personal financial and a widespread financial predicament forsaken down a list.

The consult polled 1,200 people in late Jun and early Jul — a percentages paint a share of people who pronounced they were possibly “very afraid” or “afraid” of a 80 opposite fears a researchers identified.

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That timeline could explain because concerns associated to a sourroundings dominated a tip 10 — a consult coincided with a Trump administration’s preference to repel from a Paris meridian change agreement and followed a predicament in Flint, Mich., and other communities national involving lead wickedness in celebration water. Some 53% of Americans pronounced they were fearful of wickedness in oceans, rivers and lakes, while usually over 50% were fearful of soiled celebration H2O and 48% feared tellurian warming and meridian change.

“Environmental issues never burst a tip 10 fears in a prior surveys,” a researchers wrote.

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Additionally, people indicated some-more regard per Trumpcare this year than Obamacare. This year, Trumpcare and a American Health Care Act (to dissolution partial of Obamacare) ranked as a second many renouned fear, among 55% of people.

The Affordable Care Act, that final year was a 10th many common fear, ranked No. 29 with usually 34% of people inventory it as a fear, putting it behind concerns such as a annihilation of plant and animal class and oil spills. However, some-more than 48% of people were fearful by high medical bills, putting it during No. 6 on a list.

As for people’s slightest common fears, animals ranked final with usually 3.7% of people observant they were fearful of them, followed by ghosts and zombies.

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