$CBIS – Health for Humans and Their Furry Loved Ones

Cannabis Science, Inc.

Cannabis Science has been on the cutting-edge with becoming one of the earliest adopters in the legal cannabis industry. Though the industry is young, Cannabis Science continues to push the boundaries by producing new and innovative product offerings. The company recently partnered with IGXBio to collaborate on a drug development program. This will allow the company to heavily contribute in the ongoing pharmaceutical battle against HIV/AIDS. The company strives to bring safe, effective, and clinically-proven cannabinoid treatments to global markets for their anti-retroviral and cancer treating therapeutical properties.

While the company has been working on delivering cannabidiol products for human consumption for some time now, they have recently acquired an equestrian health and wellness company, Equi-Pharm, LLC. The company has already expanded the product line to offer wellness products for household pets and other animals in addition to their prior horse-oriented product lines.

Cannabis Science has also infused their animal health and wellness products with hemp seed oil to allow them to reap the benefits of hemp in some of the ways humans can. Hemp seed is great for skin and hair health, among other things, which is a huge concern in regards to animal healthcare specialists. By infusing their animal healthcare products with hemp seed oil, the company has become one of the first to extend these extra and affordable health benefits out to our furry friends.

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