Cyber Apps World, Inc. – $CYAP

Cyber Apps World, Inc. (OTC: CYAP) seeks to create a win-win-win situation for themselves, consumers, and merchants alike. The company uses their established infrastructure, technologies, and reach to help merchants reach new consumers by offering special, exclusive, and stackable discounts on their goods and services. Cyber Apps World collects a small fee on all finalized transactions stemming from the company's app, the merchants have an opportunity to make a new sale, and the consumers are able to find better deals. This is the goal that SavInst, the company's iOS and Android application, aims to achieve.

The company initially intends to roll SavInst out in Dallas and other parts of Texas in Fall of 2016, but will reach for global markets (including Canada and parts of Europe) as soon as 2017. Many virtual couponing or discount apps don't allow customers to utilize more than one coupon at a time, also referred to as stacking coupons. This is something that physical coupon enthusiasts often find as a pain point in the transition to digital coupons. SavInst does allow stacking, or digital combining, of its merchants offers.

CYAPslide1Additionally, the company is working on rolling out a unique news service called All News My Way, which will be an interactive news platform with content aggregation and customizable user portals. This will ensure users are seeing the news they find important and aren't falling prey to clickbait, a common pitfall to news aggregation websites.

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