Deep Dive: Here’s how JPMorgan’s batch underneath Jamie Dimon has built adult opposite other large banks

JPMorgan Chase Co. CEO Jamie Dimon took a care mark during a largest U.S. bank in Dec 2005. It has been an glorious run for a bank’s investors, as we can see below.

In his latest letter to shareholders Apr 7, Dimon wrote that over a prolonged term, a opening of JPMorgan Chase’s

batch reflects a bank’s “progress,” that he tangible as “a duty of continual investments in a people, systems and products, in good and bad times, to build a capabilities.”

Those are excellent words, corroborated by outperformance opposite a SP 500 Index

during his tenure.

Check out these sum gain for JPM and a index (both with dividends reinvested) for longer durations by Apr 6:


So JPM has soundly beaten a SP 500’s sum lapse for five, 10 and 15 years. It has trailed for 3 years, yet keep in mind what a conspicuous run a index has had, led by fast flourishing tech-oriented companies. It’s also value observant that bank bonds tend to trade during price-to-earnings ratios of about 60% to 70% of a index’s P/E.

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As of a tighten Apr 6, a brazen P/E ratio for a SPDR SP 500 ETF Trust

was 22.3, while a brazen P/E for a Invesco KBW Bank ETF

was 13.4, according to FactSet. JPM’s brazen P/E was 13.5. So a bank bonds still seem to be on a inexpensive side, relations to a SP 500.

Bank gain in a spotlight

Bank gain deteriorate starts on Apr 14, when JPM, Wells Fargo Co.

and Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

news their first-quarter results. Bank of America Corp.

and Citigroup Inc.

will news Apr 15. Rounding out a large 6 U.S. banks (when ranked by sum assets), Morgan Stanley

will news Apr 16.

Odeon Capital Group researcher Dick Bove suggested clients in a note Apr 6 “to equivocate creation investment decisions formed on first-quarter results.”

He expects that in a second half of 2021, “the economy will be flourishing so fast that when we strech that period, bank gain will be soaring.” He has “buy” ratings on all of a large 6 U.S. banks listed above.

How a large bank bonds have performed

Here’s a ranking of a 15 largest U.S. banks by item size, with long-term sum gain by Apr 6:


For a clarification of “bank,” we have enclosed bank and preservation holding companies. So Charles Schwab Corp.

is on a list, even yet bonds brokerage is a categorical business. Through a bank subsidiary, Schwab gathers deposits and creates loans.

Looking behind during a 20-, 15- and 10-year periods, JPM has had a strongest sum returns. For 5 years, Morgan Stanley has been a transparent leader, followed by Bank of America, with JPM ranked third. For 3 years, American Express Co.

takes a prize, followed by Morgan Stanley and afterwards JPM.

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