May 06, 2014

OTC Disclosure News Service

Rochester, NY

National Properties Trust, a
Colorado corporation (US.ENTI.PK), announces that its Board of Directors fixed
the record date for its stock merge at May 9, 2014.  Concurrently with the fixing of the record
date, National’s senior executive management will undertake the preparation of
the necessary documents that it will submit to various regulatory and
self-regulatory agencies on or before May 13, 2014.  The company expects its 1:1000 reverse stock
split to become effective on May 23, 2014, if not sooner, or later following
the review of its notifications of corporate actions by the respective various
agencies.  In chorus with the corporate
notification of the reverse split, National will be notifying the respective
agencies of its name change, the fact that National’s Board of Directors will
file and amendment to its Articles of Incorporation to restate its capital to
authorize 500 Million shares, in total, of common stock, and to restate the
conversion terms of National’s preferred stock from that stock’s present terms
to that of one (1)  year’s advance notice
to the shareholders thereof, in writing, prior to the conversion thereof.

Randolph S. Hudson, National’s
Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, said, “I
realize that reverse stock splits, in general, are extremely unpopular with a
sub-penny stock’s shareholders; however, in the case of National, at its
present capitalization, will never realize any significant price
per share value.
  It confounds me to
conceive that some shareholders (although very few in number) think National
can demonstrate a significant price per share value of between one and five
dollars in the coming years (based on an estimated $250 million in operating
assets by year-end 2016), if there are billions of shares issued and
  The company will always be
relegated to the OTC Pink Tier.
Moreover, as National plans to apply for a listing on NYSE Alternext as
soon as it is practicable, it must maintain a certain price per share in
addition to maintaining a value of its public float.
  While it could meet the value of the shares
in gross, it could not meet the price per share requirements.
  Worse yet, the company’s stock would not
attract serious long-term individual or institutional investors who or which
are interested in a company with sustainable growth through a stock valued at
between one and five dollars per share.
My heck, if our stock was trading at $5.00 per share, we’d still be a
penny stock by the SEC’s definition.
We’re not going to reach that plateau, especially, with billions or even
hundreds of million shares out there.”

National has been repositioning
itself over the past four and one-half months in anticipation of expanding its
operations into the commercial and residential real estate markets.
  Initially, the company will be focusing on
selected properties in New York, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, and Arizona.
  National is a unit of First Hudson Trust of
New York (“First Hudson”) and Electronic Merchant Systems Rochester,
Inc. (“EMSR”).
  National is a
company affiliated with other companies in the Hudson and Grande fund complex
and is not a holding company or representative of any of the other companies;
rather, it will own the real estate for the other companies within the fund
complex but, of greater significance, it will also acquire, develop, and manage
other properties for its own account.
(No other companies, public or private, that are owned or controlled by
First Hudson, EMSR, Mr. Hudson, or Michael P. Grande, will be associated with
the current First Hudson and EMSR fund complex; that is to say, if the
companies are not named in this press release, they will not participate in the
current plan of operations.)

The company, for over three
months, has been engaged in conclusive negotiations with three principals for
the acquisition of their respective properties; however, until the date that
National completes its restructuring, it will not enter into any definitive
agreements to acquire any property.
Hudson said, “From my past experience, I have learned not to divulge the
details of definitive negotiations; specifically, due to the unprofessional
actions by overly-enthusiastic shareholders and investors who contact the
sellers and disrupt or negate the acquisition.
It just makes good business sense to get the company’s house in order
and retain as confidential the status of ongoing discussions and
  If and when a deal closes,
then the company will announce the results.”

National is also gearing-up for
spring and summer business for its totally held subsidiary, Anglers
Construction, Inc., a New York corporation (“Anglers”).
  National acquired Anglers in January 2014
from an unaffiliated Hudson and Grande private client for $25,000, which it
paid to him by issuing him 250 million restricted shares of National’s common
stock.  (That’s not bad, considering the company issued about 15 
Billion shares.)  Anglers is a fully-licensed and
insured remodeling firm that is listed with the Better Contractors Bureau and
that specializes in roofing and siding installation and repairs.
  National’s senior executive management has
been evaluating the resumes of qualified applicants for the past two months and
expects to make decision as to the individual who will become the next
president of Anglers.
  That decision is
expected to be announced in the next three weeks.

National will be publishing three
reports with OTC Markets Group, Inc. (“OTC”) within the next two
  This event was estimated to occur
sooner; however, with the numerous changes that have occurred with the company
during the past two months, combined with additional information that was
recently made available in respect of National’s prior organization and
operations, it was necessary for National to revise its filing documents.
  Mr. Hudson added, “I know the company’s
shareholders are anxious to learn of the status of their [prior] investments in
National and to learn of the direction moving forward as planned by the
company’s management. While the overwhelming majority of our shareholders are
encouraged by the company’s forward stock movement since December [2013], there
are a small number of shareholders and miscreants who choose to form opinions
based on incorrect facts or facts unknown to them, and, therefore, are
incapable of providing anyone with accurate opinions as to the company’s former
operations or current development.
reprobates are only serving to delay the company’s plans by their deleterious
comments or hypothesis.  Some of these commentators are idiots!
  I am “Virginia
formal” when it comes to business; I am unconcerned with speculation from
uninformed parties or sources.
I think the company’s management has done a great job, given the fact the
company did nothing, in any respect, for the past two plus years.
  It’s not so much the movement in the
company’s stock that I’m concerned about; the company’s stock will stabilize
when shareholders and investors become acquainted and confident with the
company’s plan of operations.
  It’s the
fact that the company must engage in and conduct an actual business that
realizes revenue and income, which is unlike anything the company has done in
the past.
  The company has never sold any
of its products, it has never realized any income from its efforts, and, for
the most part, the company used its purported assets under its prior ownership
(excluding Carrie Cosner) to maximize on the company’s stock price, especially
by transferring the assets between companies that were controlled by National’s principal shareholders.
At least the shareholders will learn the facts when the reports [with OTC] are

In conclusion, Mr., Hudson said,
“We set out on this journey looking down a long road.
  For a company to engage in the real estate business – and nothing more – we expected National’s entire journey (the
restructuring) to take more than a year, given the state of the company and its
[defunct] affairs, when we took it over.
Remarkably, we’re only a month behind schedule; primarily, these delays
were caused because of our having received new information and due to the
availability of current [non-public] status of the company’s operations.
  I’ve tried to answer every question submitted
by every shareholder (unless they are comments that may be subject to future
litigation), and, for the most part, I have well received these discussions.  Of course, we have never and never will release or disclose non-public information to any shareholder or any other party that is not an “insider”, officer, director, or advisor to the company.  
For a company that was pretty much
dead-in-the-water, I think we’ve offered a slight bit of hope to the company’s
  Of course, there will
always be those who claim to be ‘know-it-all’s’ and who criticize a company’s
management because they didn’t know the facts – then – and they don’t know the
facts now.
  I’m working to remedy this
situation by speaking to as many shareholders, or to correspond with them by
e-mail, as is possible – given my schedule – to inform them of material public
  In terms of raising money, National
is no different from any other public company, some of those being Wal-Mart,
Bank of America, or Sears, but to name a few.
Nearly every public company offers some type of offering to fund its operations.”

National will not proceed with
the previously announced private placement of its securities; rather, First
Hudson and EMSR are conducting a debt offering in their names, collectively –
not in that of this company or any others in their fund complex.
  (Investors choosing to subscribe to the favorable
placement offered by First Hudson and EMSR
 in terms of their joint debt offering may
contact Mr. Hudson directly.)

For additional information on
National, shareholders and investors may call or text Mr. Hudson at (585)
329-3581 or send him an e-mail to
randolphshudson@gmail.com.  Due to the overwhelming number of telephone
calls and e-mails he receives daily, Mr. Hudson may not reply to calls or
e-mails for up to 14 days.

The other companies affiliated with National in
the First Hudson and EMSR fund complex are Fuzznbuzz Brands, Inc. (US.CWIR.PK),
Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. (US.HFBG.PK), Real American Capital Corporation
(US.RLAB.PK), Herbal Financial Solutions, Inc. (US.ONCO.PK), and First
Intercity Bancsystems, a New York corporation,

This announcement is for informational
purposes only.
  The information contained
herein is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy securities of any of
the companies mentioned in this announcement as defined under the Securities
Act of 1933.
  Potential investors should
carefully read all public filings that the Company has filed or will file with
OTC Markets Group, Inc., and with other reliable information services.
  Prior to making any investment, investors
should always consult with a licensed financial advisor and legal professional
to determine if the investment is suitable for you.

This announcement contains “forward-looking
statements” (as such term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995), within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of
1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as
amended (the “Exchange Act”).
All statements other than statements of historical fact are, or may be
deemed to be, forward-looking statements.

Forward-looking statements include any
statement or graphic that may project, indicate, or imply future results,
events, performance, or achievements.
The forward-looking statements contained herein are based on current
expectations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties.
  These statements can be identified by the use
of forward-looking terminology such as “projects”,
“believes”, “expect”, “may”, “will”,
“should”, “intend”, “plan”, “could”,
“estimate”, or “anticipate”, or the negative thereof or
other variations thereon or comparable terminology, or by discussions of
strategy that involve risks and uncertainties.
Given the risks and uncertainties relating to forward-looking
statements, investors should not place undue reliance on such statements.

Investors seeking to make an investment in
penny stocks, buy stocks or funds, or make a stock investment to diversify a
portfolio, should carefully evaluate and review all available information about
the company and its principals.
Investing in the stock market based upon investment news or stock quote
trends involves a high degree of risk and is not considered to be a safe
investment such as investing in a money market account.
  Investors should consult with your financial
advisor before making any decision related to a money investment.

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