Exlites Holdings International, Inc. – $EXHI


Exlites Holdings International, Inc. is engaged in the consumer health care market and durable medical supply business. The company has many customers in both consumers and businesses. The company focuses on catalog sales, retailers, and other direct-to-consumer outlets to sell its medical supplies. This includes e-commerce, which is a high-margin sales channel for the company. Exlites' mission is to develop unrivaled, lasting and deep relationships with our customers by delivering quality products and related services to medical and home care markets with efficiency, consistency and innovation.

Additionally, the company offers contract manufacturing services to other medical products companies that serve both medical and home care clientele.

The company is currently selling Innergizer Massagers on Amazon, where it is advertised as the world's greatest all around massage system. The company pulled in $9.5MM in revenue in 2015 in medical device sales.

The company's website, geared for medical supplies customers, can be found at this link: http://exlitesmedical.com/

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