Financial Crime: CEO of Miami armored-car association pleads guilty in $140 million ‘dirty gold’ bootlegging scheme

The former arch executive of a Miami armored-car association has pleaded guilty to assisting filch $140 million in “dirty gold” that had been illegally mined in South America into a United States.

Jesus Gabriel Rodriguez, Jr. a one-time conduct of Transvalue, that supposing ride services for changed metals and other valuables, certified personification a pivotal purpose in an bid to filch bullion into a nation in a approach that evaded anti-money manners and trade bans.

Prosecutors contend a 45-year-old Rodriguez and his association helped spin Miami into a vital heart for craving that smuggled billions in bullion into a U.S. from bootleg mines all over South America, partly as a approach to refine income for drug traffickers. 

Illegal mining also mostly formula in a drop of far-reaching swaths of rainforest and chemicals used in a routine tend to leave a land empty for years after.

Rodriguez’s profession declined to comment. 

According to justice documents, Rodriguez conspired with employees during Texas-based NTR Metals, a vast refiner of bullion in a U.S., to problematic a origins of bullion being brought in by Miami International Airport.

Multi-entry travel

The scheme, that operated between 2015 and 2016, concerned thousands of kilograms of bullion being flown into a U.S. from Curacao. As Curacao has no bullion mines or estimate comforts of a own, bullion entrance from there is deliberate to be mostly smuggled in by vessel from Venezuela.

In 2018 , then-President Trump sealed an executive sequence prohibiting anyone in a U.S. from traffic with bullion procured from Venezuelan mines. NTR also taboo a squeeze of bullion from Curacao due to a own  anti-money laundering policies.

To get around this, prosecutors contend Rodriguez organised for a bullion brought in by couriers from Curacao to afterwards be sent to a Cayman Islands, before being brought behind to a U.S. 

Complex income laundering schemes engage pivotal players during each theatre of a process.

— Juan Antonio Gonzalez, a U.S. profession for a southern district of Florida

Upon a return, Rodriguez was indicted of arranging for etiquette papers to contend a bullion originated in a Cayman Islands.It would afterwards be ecstatic to NTR refineries in Florida and elsewhere and sole on to oblivious manufacturers of valuables and other products that use gold.

“Complex income laundering schemes engage pivotal players during each theatre of a process,” pronounced Juan Antonio Gonzalez, a U.S. profession for a southern district of Florida.  “Corporate executives who promote income laundering while purportedly importing official products during a ride and U.S. Customs stages do not get to censor behind their standing as differently legitimate business owners. Like everybody else participating in these bootleg schemes, they will be prosecuted.”

Three principal brokers during NTR pleaded guilty in 2017 to their roles in a intrigue and have served time in prison. All 3 cooperated in a box opposite Rodriguez, justice papers said. NTR paid a $15 million fine.

Rodriguez faces adult to 24 months in sovereign jail for submitting fake etiquette documents, and has concluded to palm over $267,000 to authorities, prosecutors said. He is scheduled to be condemned in April.

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