General News: It’s a ultimate in complacency — personalizing your drink with a selfie


The record works as good on an espresso martini or a blockade green as a pint of Guinness. according to one Diageo executive.

Just when we suspicion a mania with selfies could get no worse, Guinness and Smirnoff builder Diageo has combined a approach for drinkers to send their possess images onto a stew atop their beer.

The brewer

DEO, +1.47%

DGE, +1.75%

has grown a record to capacitate drinkers to send selfies to a appurtenance commissioned in bars that is means to “reprint” a photos on a conduct of a pint of drink — a “stoutie” it was called on rollout during a Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

The finish result, rendered in malt-based organic ink that is submissive for tellurian consumption, is identical in coming to a root designs combined in a stew on some cups of cappuccino and, for that matter, a occasional shamrock atop a Guinness.

British-based Diageo announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Israeli organisation Ripple Maker and is in talks with bar groups that will see a machines rolled out in some of Europe’s heading celebration venues. It also aims to exam a record in bars opposite America.

Benny Lickfett, conduct of record and creation during Diageo, said: “Innovation is during a heart of what we do and re-creating a selfies in a drinks personalises a pints and cocktails and is opposite and fun.

“It works only as good on a stew on an espresso martini and a blockade green as a Guinness.”

Lickfett pronounced that in early trials drinkers have been regulating a record to assistance with dating. “It has been quite renouned with people copy their series in a conduct of a drink with a call-me sign, and afterwards giving it to someone they like,” he said.

The appurtenance has been grown in Israel, and users who have downloaded a Ripple Maker app can upload their images into a cloud for after entrance by machines in bars.

Lickfett said: “We are in talks with bar and pubs organisation and will have this rolled out in Europe within 6 months. We are also doing smaller trials in Israel and America.”

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