In One Chart: This Trump vs. JFK draft has nailed it so far, and if it continues, a marketplace is in trouble

Last month, MarketWatch used a draft conceal to illustrate how a batch marketplace underneath John F. Kennedy has closely followed a opening over a same time support with Donald Trump in a White House. Fast brazen 3 weeks and, as of Wednesday’s close, a SP 500

SPX, -1.33%

in relations terms, sat roughly accurately where it did during this indicate during Kennedy’s administration.

If a trend persists—a HUGE if, of course—prepare for some rather high waste in a entrance weeks. Perhaps it’s already started, with a Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, -1.68%

 down scarcely 600 points during a Thursday low.

“After 328 trade days given choosing day, a Trump SP 500 sits right on tip of a JFK SP 500,” a blogger behind the Global Macro Monitor wrote. ”The index, 328 trade days after a choosing day of any president, is reduction than 5 basement points within one another. Rather stunning, don’t we think?”

Here’s what it looks like:

It isn’t only a coincidence, either, according to a blogger, who says a stream SP has a same theme, setup, and backdrop as a JFK postelection convene and bear marketplace in 1961-62. He also warned that a elemental drivers of a new declines are uncannily identical to those of a 1987 rout.

The draft shows bonds losing roughly 30% of their value in a entrance weeks before bottoming out in June. A stretch? Maybe.

But a Global Macro Monitor isn’t statute it out.

“Of course, they will not lane perfectly, though they are so distant rhyming with any other on sincerely unchanging basis,” a blogger wrote, referencing a quote mostly attributed to Mark Twain that story “doesn’t repeat itself though it mostly rhymes.”

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