IPO Report: GitLab IPO: 5 things to know about a all-remote program association valued during $11 billion

The association filed initial paperwork for a IPO with a Securities and Exchange Commission in mid-September, and is approaching to trade on a Nasdaq underneath a ticker pitch “GTLB” on Thursday.

GitLab specializes in supposed DevOps software, that allows program developers and operators to combine on projects to yield faster and some-more applicable program updates to their inner systems on a near-constant basis. The program allows a company’s development, operations, IT, confidence and business teams to all work on a common platform.

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, B. of A. Securities, UBS Investment Bank, and RBC Capital Markets are among a underwriters, and 143 million shares are approaching to be superb after a offering, or 143.5 million if overallotment options are exercised by underwriters.

Here are 5 things to know about a association from a SEC filings.

They’ve got some competition

The association pronounced it considers Atlassian Corp.’s

partnership program such as Jira a competitor, though GitLab’s categorical aspirant is a likewise named GitHub, that was acquired by Microsoft Corp.

in 2018 for $7.5 billion. That competence explain because GitLab lists a cloud hyperscale partners as Amazon.com Inc.’s

AWS and Alphabet Inc.’s


Google Cloud, that offer a company’s platform, with Microsoft’s Azure noticeably missing.

GitLab pronounced a marketplace for a DevOps height is about $40 billion, formed on information from Gartner. With an infrastructure program marketplace of $328 billion during a finish of 2021 and an approaching $458 billion by a finish of 2024, GitLab believes it can offer $43 billion of this marketplace by a finish of 2021 and $55 billion of it by a finish of 2024.

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GitLab claims a solid boost in annual repeated revenue, or ARR, a software-as-a-service metric that shows how many income a association can design formed on subscriptions. Base business — those with $5,000 or some-more in ARR — grew to 3,632 by a finish of July, compared with 2,745 during a finish of Jan and 1,662 during a finish of Jan 2020.

As of a finish of July, GitLab pronounced $100,000 or some-more ARR business grew to 383 from 219 a year before, and $1 million ARR business grew to 27 from 15.

They were work-from-home before it was cool

GitLab pronounced it believed it was a largest all-remote association in a universe before a COVID-19 pestilence forced many some-more workforces to go remote. In fact, on a SEC filing in a place where a association customarily lists a earthy residence of a headquarters, GitLab lists “Address Not Applicable.”

GitLab has been “100% remote given inception,” when co-founder Dmitriy Zaporozhets initial came adult with GitLab from his residence in Ukraine that didn’t even have regulating water. CEO and co-founder Sytse Sijbrandi found GitLab from his residence in a Netherlands and a dual incorporated GitLab in 2014 and became of customer of tech accelerator Y Combinator in 2015.

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With 1,350 employees in some-more than 65 countries, GitLab pronounced a remote-only classification “allows us entrance to a tellurian talent pool that enables us to sinecure gifted group members, regardless of location, providing a clever rival advantage,” and allows a association to assistance other companies hoop their newly remote workforces.

That strength, however, is also listed as a risk means in a company’s S-1 filing. GitLab pronounced “technologies in a group members’ homes might not be strong adequate and could means a networks, information systems, applications, and other collection accessible to group members and use providers to be limited, unreliable, or unsecure.”

They are NOT here to emanate a ‘family’

GitLab comes opposite as really approach in a S-1, but a lot of a corporate-culture platitudes that many tech companies espouse.

“Some companies speak about being a ‘Family,’” Sijbrandi in his minute to investors. “We don’t consider that is a right perspective. At GitLab, a attribute is not a finish goal. The idea is results. We are transparent about burden and reason people to a clearly articulated standard. When people do not perform, we try to assistance them improve. If they still can’t accommodate expectations, we let them go.”

For GitLab, “results” meant not doing things differently for a consequence of being different, regulating “boring solutions whenever possible,” carrying a new chronicle of a program out on a 22nd of any month, and lenient a worker who has to do a work ensuing from a preference with a ability to make that decision.

Lower-tier services have been ditched

GitLab pronounced it offers 3 services: Free, “premium” for $19 a month for any user, and “ultimate” for $99 a month for any user.

The association pronounced it dropped dual other paid tiers, starter and bronze, and that those users will need to select from a 3 new offerings or stop regulating GitLab. Customers regulating a starter and bronze levels accounted for 11% of income for a 6 months finale Jul 31, compared with 16% during a finish of mercantile 2021, and 27% during a finish of mercantile 2020.

GitLab reported sales of $152.2 million and detriment of $192.2 million in 2020, compared with income of $81.2 million and a detriment of $130.7 million in 2019. For a initial half of 2021, a association reported income of $108.1 million and a detriment of $68.1 million, compared with income of $63.9 million and a detriment of $43.5 million for a initial half of 2020.

As with many new IPOs, don’t design any votes

The charity is for Class A shares, that accept one vote, compared with Class B shares, that accept 10 votes. Following a offering, Class B shareholders will authority 99.1% of a votes.

Venture appropriation for GitLab started with seed income from Y Combinator and Khosla Ventures in 2015, and after successive appropriation rounds with other firms, a association has lifted $414.9 million in early investments, according to Crunchbase.

After a offering, Khosla is approaching to have 14.3% voting power, Iconiq Strategic Partners will have 11.7%, Aug Capital will have 11.3%, and GV 2017 will have 6.7%. Sijbrandi, who is CEO of a association he co-founded, will reason 16.7% of a voting power.

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