Key Words: Trump is ‘a extremist president,’ George Conway says

“No matter how most we came to dislike him, we didn’t wish to consider that a boss of a United States is a secular bigot. But Sunday left no doubt.”

That’s George Conway, outspoken Republican censor of President Donald Trump and father of Trump confidant Kellyanne Conway, in a sardonic op-ed published Monday by a Washington Post.

Trump is “a extremist president,” Conway said, in no undeniable terms.

For years, Conway wrote, he has given Trump a advantage of a doubt.

“No, we thought, President Trump was boorish, dim-witted, inarticulate, incoherent, narcissistic and insensitive. He’s a pitiable brag though an equal-opportunity brag — in his singly pretentious and wanton manner, he’ll conflict anyone he thinks is vicious of him. No matter how most we found him eventually unfit, we still gave him a advantage of a doubt about being a racist.”

“But Sunday left no doubt. Naivete, rancour and undisguised racism, roiled in a poisonous mix, have given us a extremist president.”

Conway was referring, of course, to a tweetstorm Sunday in that Trump pronounced 4 Democratic congresswomen, all women of color, should to “go back” to their countries and ”fix a totally damaged and crime filthy places from that they came.”

As snub built Monday, Trump doubled down, observant if someone has a problem with this country, they “should leave.”

The lawmakers dismissed behind Monday night, disapproval a “xenophobic, hypocritical remarks,” and observant they were meant to confuse people from a Trump administration’s unpopular policies.

In his op-ed, Conway pronounced Trump’s comments were “racist to a core,” and berated Republicans their rejection to impugn a president.

“By trait of his office, he speaks for a country,” Conway wrote. “What’s during interest are a nation’s ideals, a really soul.”

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