Legacy Ventures International, Inc. – $LGYV

Legacy Ventures International, Inc. (OTC: LGYV) is a management company that is incorporated in Nevada. They recently acquired Toronto, Canada-based RM Fresh Brands, which is an innovative sustainable food and beverage distribution company that caters to North American markets. RM Fresh Brands is Legacy Ventures' primary focus for the time being, as the company has substantial growth potential with their disruptive products.

The company recently came to an agreement with Sysco Toronto to distribute the company's "Boxed Water" product as well as other products from their portfolio. Sysco operates 196 distribution facilities, serves 425,000 customers, and did $48 billion in sales in fiscal year 2015. In addition to this deal with Sysco Toronto, the company has reached several other agreements with area distributors and retailers.

Boxed Water is Legacy Ventures' flagship product under the RM Fresh Brands banner. The product already has a strong distribution network spanning much of North America. The product has more environmentally friendly packaging, and it is also safer. Some plastic containers, if left in the sun, can cause health problems for consumers. Boxed water eliminates that possibility.

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