Marijuana Company of America, Inc. – $MCOA


Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (OTC: MCOA) is acquiring and/or forming joint ventures with companies of all shapes and sizes in the marijuana industry. This is in hopes to leverage synergies between different companies, including cultivation, extractions, oils, tinctures, edibles, and legal marijuana distribution in both the recreational and medical sectors.

Recently, the company has been hard at work in developing their cannabis club, which allows members exclusive access to top tier cannabis products. Additionally, the company has partnered with the Cannabis Career Institute to develop an online cannabis education platform, which will help shape the industry's best practices and lay a groundwork for the knowledge required to work in the industry. 

The company's recent work on HempSMART Brain, a hemp-derived CBD product that supports brain function, is one of the first of its type, and is expected to ship to consumers in October. This product is one of few that has been shown to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier and offer a unique level of brain support and protection that could not previously be found in the brain enhancement industry.

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