Market Extra: Here’s because corporate debt investors might wish to eye Ford’s hillside into ‘junk’

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Moody’s preference to hillside Ford’s debt to “junk” rating” sent alarm bells toll among investors who have been jumpy over a awaiting of over-leveraged U.S. companies losing their rarely desired investment-grade ratings.

But a their reduction creditworthy counterparts that might need to worry if Ford receives another hillside by credit rating agencies SP or Fitch and strictly pushes a automaker out of investment-grade bond indexes. The remarkable entrance of a vast issuer like Ford

F, -2.10%

 into a high-yield bond marketplace could import on prices for junk corporate credit.

The U.S. carmaker’s some-more than $35 billion of debt would paint around 3% of a high-yield index. If one some-more credit ratings organisation downgrades Ford, it would turn a fifth biggest “fallen angel,” or high-yield issuer once rated as investment-grade.

Analysts indicate to 2005 as a instance of how depressed angels could overcome direct as investors onslaught to catch a holds of a new entrant into a high-yield market.

Back then, troubles in a U.S. automobile attention saw both General Motors and Ford remove their investment-grade status. The junk bond marketplace choked on a liquid of supply as a sum debt superb released by both firms exceeded some-more than 12% of a altogether market.

As a result, Marty Fridson, arch investment officer of Lehmann Livian Fridson Advisors, estimated the hillside of General Motors and a subsidiaries alone had caused high-yield credit spreads to dilate by 50 points in 2005.

In other words, a additional reward investors demanded in lapse for owning a basket of junk holds over allied U.S. Treasurys had increasing by another 50 basement points.

Investors have until now mostly focused on a $3 trillion value of BBB-rated investment class debt that is on a hill of being downgraded to a junk rating, and might need to be sole by regressive investors like grant supports and word companies barred from holding debt from high-yield issuers.

But Hans Mikkelsen, conduct of U.S. investment class bond plan during Bank of America Merrill Lynch, pronounced Ford’s hillside is some-more of an outlier in a mostly improving story for a BBB-rated market.

“We consider a Ford conditions is particular and has small read-through for a BBB-rated shred of a IG marketplace where companies are reduction cyclical and regulating levers (cutting dividends, offered assets, etc.) to urge their IG ratings,” pronounced Mikkelsen.

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Sunny Oh is a MarketWatch fixed-income contributor formed in New York.

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