MarketWatch First Take: Micron shows how a cloud is saving chip makers

Memory-chip builder Micron Technology Inc. was saved by a bang in information centers, adding to chip makers’ expansion as a pestilence army some-more companies to enhance their cloud computing capabilities.

On Monday, Micron

reported better-than-expected mercantile second-quarter gain and had a stronger opinion for a subsequent quarter, notwithstanding some issues with a tellurian supply sequence due to a COVID-19 pandemic. Micron’s shares jumped scarcely 6% in after-hours trading. At Monday’s close, Micron was trade during $49.15, down 8.62% for a year though a outrageous liberation from a thrust in March, when it strike a low of $31.13 in a early days of a pandemic.

“We continue to see healthy direct trend in cloud in a second half of a year,” Micron Chief Executive Sanjay Mehrotra told analysts on a discussion call. “Cloud is still indeed in early innings, and long-term trends for cloud are strong.” In a second quarter, a association pronounced that a work-from-home economy, e-commerce and videogame streaming all gathering a clever swell in direct for some-more cloud-computing capabilities.

Micron’s comments relate those that other chip giants, such as Intel Corp.

and Nvidia Corp.

done final quarter. On Monday, Xilinx Inc.

assimilated a throng when it updated a superintendence for a mercantile initial quarter, observant that clever opening in wireless and information core were offsetting debility in consumer segments.

In a second half of a year, Micron pronounced that it expects direct for consumer record products such as PCs and smartphones to improve. That’s in partial due to a ongoing rollout of 5G networks, that will expostulate direct of new smartphones that have some-more energetic pointless entrance memory (DRAM) chips, compared to 4G-network phones. The association pronounced that normal offered prices of both DRAM chips and NAND peep memory were adult sequentially from a prior quarter.

One emanate hovering over a company, and indeed many chip makers, is a flourishing arise in inventories, both by Micron and a customers, generally in a smartphone market. When asked by an researcher about a flourishing inventories, Mehrotra pronounced a business are perplexing to ready for when consumer direct returns.

“Customers wish to be prepared to supply a smartphone demand” when it returns, he said. “So, overall, we know, it’s a churned design with honour to a register on a patron front. Cloud inventories are in decent shape,” while mobile inventories are “somewhat in expectation of demand.”


The chip attention has been amazingly volatile during a coronavirus pandemic, and many of a direct is due to information centers and a direct for some-more cloud computing. If a PC and smartphone markets lapse to growth, there could be even some-more upside for chip makers such as Micron. But for now, a certain thing is centered around a information center.

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