Medifirst Solutions, Inc. – $MFST

Titan - OTC Issuer letter

Medifirst Solutions, Inc. (OTC: MFST) is an innovative medical and healthcare company, with a focus on technology-based products for both consumers and healthcare professionals. The company is very actively working to produce high quality diode-pumped solid-state lasers through its subsidiary, Medical Lasers Manufacturer, Inc. These lasers are intended to help patients with specific cosmetic skin conditions in addition to providing muscle and joint pain relief. This effort is hand-in-hand with industry leading engineers who have decades of experience with laser research and manufacturing. The company has already met all ISO standards for safety, reliability, and quality with their lasers.2cec07_1d74fa5e6d324518920c64b93b248d54

The company's mobile laser products were just approved by the FDA. meaning the company will be able to move forward with its plans and commercialize its product. Additionally, the company recently announced it had completed the safety testing evaluation and lab tests for modifications as they pertain to the Time Machine Laser's upgrades.

Market demand for the industry the Time Machine Lasers will compete in was estimated to have reached as high as $4 billion in 2015, with huge growth backing it. To learn more about Medifirst, visit the company's website here.

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