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Metrospaces, Inc.

Metrospaces, Inc. (OTC: MSPC) is a publicly traded real estate private equity firm that specializes in small to mid-sized real estate deals in emerging markets in Latin America. The company's management brings a wide array of experience in running world-class hotels, real estate development, business law, and general finance. Since 2007, Metrospaces senior management has developed and invested in $450M worth of hotel projects worldwide. They have proven themselves capable of bringing international financing from developed markets to talented developers' projects in emerging markets. This leads to lower costs of capital and therefore higher returns on investment (ROI). The company already has unparalleled access to investment bankers, real estate entrepreneurs, political leaders, and a global network of investors, and they can leverage these relationships to develop high ROI projects around the world.

Metrospaces Current Projects

El Naranjo Yunga Estates

The Finca El Naranjo project is located in the South region of the Salta Province and covers a 3,000 hectare space surounded by an evergreen forest known as The Yungas. It will be transformed into a tourism hub and real estate development, including a small luxury hotel.

Ikal Lodge & Winery

Ikal Lodge & Winery is a 75-hecare property located in The Uco Valley in Mendoza. The niche this property expects to fill is that of "wine tourism" which will give guests beautiful, scenic views of vineyards in the foothills of the snow covered Andes Mountain Range. This property will include a 25-master suite luxury hotel, a winery, and 29 luxury villas to be sold under fractional ownership. Villa sales are forecast to generate approximately $95 million with a 45% EBITDA in 4 years. The hotel is expected to generate $2.5 million in annual revenues once it is established, and the winery export business is expected to generate $8 million annually as well.

Hotel Santo Cristo de Pariaguan

Hotel Santo Cristo de Pariaguan will be the only 4-star hotel servicing the area of the City of Pariaguan. The region is currently underserved with hotel infrastructure, and the best hotel in the area saw a rise in their net dollar daily rates of 60% in 2014. The project will have 120 rooms, 7 of which wil lbe suites. There will be great amenities as well. This hotel is expected to bring in $6.3 million in annual revenues.

Tulasi Luxury Villa Spa and Hotel

The Tulasi Luxury Villa Spa and Hotel is based on the Coche Island, which is a tropical paradise in the Caribbean. The project will be composed of 28 luxury villas, which will bring $285-$300 per night. With expected occupancy rate is expected to remain at or above 75% year round. This projection forecasts annual revenues of $3.1 million. MSPC owns a 50% stake in the development and is to be the sole developer of the property.

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