$MJTK – Company Creates Collaboration Between Ziggy Marley and O.penVAPE

CannaSys, Inc. (OTC: MJTK) through Mile High Brands, has created a collaboration between Ziggy Marley (the seven-time GRAMMY winner and reggae icon) and O.penVAPE, a key company in the vaporizer manufacturing arena. The company will design, distribute, manufacture, and market a new line of Ziggy Marley inspired vaporizers, which he will endorse. The vaporizers will feature industry leading specs and the ability to vape a wide variety of concentrates, including oils. In addition to the endorsement providing both brands with more publicity, a portion of all proceeds will be transferred to Marley's foundation, U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment), which focuses on providing children around the world with quality educations.

Ziggy Marley is a huge asset to both O.penVAPE and Mile High Brands, as he is the eldest son of the ever-famous Bob Marley, and is himself an incredibly talented and well known musician. His songs have tens of millions of listens on Spotify, have been featured by Disney, and he tours the world playing music. This type of international endorsement deal could mean a lot for all the brands involved– especially since it means giving back to the community via Ziggy's foundation.

Learn more about O.penVAPE and their industry-leading vaporization technology at their website. Learn more about Ziggy Marley and his music, as well as his philanthropical work, at his website.

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