NerdWallet: Do we skip business trips? Here’s when a attention is approaching to redeem and how it affects convenience travel.

And it’s not usually hotel income that’s down. Research from a U.S. Travel Association, a nonprofit classification representing a transport industry, estimates that altogether business transport spending will be down 24% in 2022 compared to 2019 levels.

The outlook

Some cities have been strike harder than others. AHLA expelled 2022 business transport income projections, and 4 vital U.S. cities — San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C., and San Jose, California — are approaching to declare a some-more than 50% diminution in income contra 2019. San Francisco is being strike generally hard, with a scarcely 70% diminution in revenue.

Region or city

% disproportion in projected 2022 business transport income contra 2019

San Francisco


New York


Washington, D.C.


San Jose, California






Oakland, California








Source: Kalibri Labs

When will business transport return?

The U.S. Travel Association estimates that domestic business transport won’t redeem to 2019 levels until 2024, and it’s usually approaching to strech 76% of a 2019 levels this year. International business transport could take even longer to redeem (until 2025), and is usually approaching to strech 72% of a pre-pandemic levels in 2022, per a organization’s forecasts.

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For what it’s worth, there’s some-more business transport function now than there was in 2020 or 2021. And a landscape of 2022 business transport is considerably opposite than pre-pandemic years. These days, there are fewer people attending conferences and in-person meetings with clients. But there’s an boost in other forms of business travel.

Team travel, where mixed employees on a same group accommodate adult for an offsite or event, is adult some-more than 900% between Jan and May 2022, according to corporate transport group TripActions.

TripActions information also shows that a series of travelers per association has increased. While previously, usually a few employees competence be constantly roving to sales meetings and conferences, now a larger series of employees are roving during slightest once for their jobs. A orator for TripActions told NerdWallet that while in 2019, engineers done adult 9% of bookings, these days they make adult 13%. Meanwhile, salespeople formerly done adult 51% of bookings, though now make adult usually 45%.

TripActions information also shows that a series of group bookings done was 7% aloft in Apr 2022 contra a pre-pandemic rise in 2019.

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Changes to business travel: Good or bad for convenience travelers?

The drop-off in business transport (and a delayed return) comes with a pros and cons for convenience travelers.

Con: Fewer opportunities to shelve adult faithfulness points and status

For some, personal transport is saved all or in partial by points warranted by business travel.

Business transport can also beget opportunities to acquire chosen standing levels that a chairman competence differently be doubtful to achieve by convenience transport alone.

Spend 5 nights per month in a hotel for a consulting gig, and that’s adequate to earn Hyatt’s

top-tier Globalist status. That, in turn, matches to MGM Rewards Gold status, unlocking profitable advantages during a casino-centric hotel sequence like waived review fees, that could save we hundreds of dollars on your vacation in Las Vegas.

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How to use this to your advantage: You competence not be means to shelve adult as many points and miles by work, though many brands have done it easier to acquire or say status. Take a closer demeanour during a faithfulness programs we go to since we competence be a lot closer to earning chosen standing than we thought. If you’re usually one or dual nights or flights brief of status, profitable for a mattress run competence still be value it.

Pro: Less foe with business travelers for availability

For Tim Leffel, editor of online transport repository Perceptive Travel, a miss of foe for seats from business travelers has non-stop adult some-more opportunities for deals.

“As a convenience traveler, I’ve been really happy to see business transport delayed to come back, as it has meant some-more opportunities to buy business category seats for a good price,” he says. “During a pandemic, we finished adult shopping mixed business category tickets between Mexico and a U.S.”

Meanwhile, airlines typically offer upgrades formed on chosen standing seniority. While a visit business traveler competence have ultra-high chosen status, a convenience traveler with a low turn of chosen standing competence finally get postulated that initial category upgrade.

How to use this to your advantage: Consider credit cards that offer automatic chosen status. Even if it’s not indispensably a top tier, you’re approaching not competing right now with as many business travelers as usual. (And business travelers are some-more approaching than convenience travelers to have chosen status.) With fewer business travelers, you’ve got a improved possibility of removing an chosen standing ascent than we did in past years.

Con: Lack of business transport competence be since prices are so high

Some indicators advise that it’s business transport that indeed creates convenience transport cheaper, in partial since some-more business transport means some-more track accessibility overall. For convenience travelers, some-more track accessibility means reduction need to stop for a layover or to fly during unattractive times. Business flights also tend to beget some-more income for airlines as those fares tend to be requisitioned last-minute, embody some-more stretchable termination policies, or be in a aloft category of use (or some multiple of a three).

How to use this to your advantage: Head to destinations that typically count on business travel. While San Francisco is still expensive, it competence be reduction costly in 2022 contra 2019 given a diminution in business transport demand.

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The bottom line

Business transport is solemnly returning, though it’s distant from entirely back. It could approaching take years for business transport to return. And when it does, it approaching won’t demeanour like it did pre-pandemic.

Expect some-more company-sponsored trips to accommodate adult with teammates. Meanwhile, we competence design to attend fewer conferences or sales meetings. If you’re a former highway warrior, we competence find yourself roving reduction than in your pre-pandemic days. But if you’ve never trafficked on interest of your association before, that competence change — generally if we now have teammates distributed opposite a country.

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