NewsWatch: Morgan Stanley bear warns his dour unfolding for 2019 is holding shape


Last week, tariffs on Mexico increasing a chances a Fed would cut rates. Investors apparently like that. So, bonds rallied. This week, Trump backs off those tariffs. Investors apparently like that, too. Stocks again are rallying. What’s going on? See full story.

Four reasons because antitrust actions will expected destroy to mangle adult Big Tech

If sovereign regulators are critical about prosecuting Big Tech icons for antitrust practices, they’ll substantially have to redefine what constitutes a corner in a industry. See full story.

How AI is throwing people who lie on their diets, pursuit searches and propagandize work

Don’t try to feign out large information on a diversion of life. See full story.

AMD’s batch powers adult toward 13-year high, as Microsoft’s new Xbox provides a boost

Shares of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. powered aloft in active trade Monday toward a 13-year high, increased by Microsoft Corp.’s proclamation that a next-generation Xbox gaming console will use AMD chips. See full story.

Waking adult early can make we healthier and wealthier — here are 4 life hacks to reset your physique time in 3 weeks

Early risers tend to be healthier, make some-more income and have some-more sex, investigate suggests See full story.


Wood, bamboo or plastic? We uncover we a best slicing house for your money. See full story.

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