NewsWatch: This high-flying index is signaling that a batch marketplace and a U.S. economy are only fine


Freight Transportation Services Index is sepulchral — and that’s bullish for stocks, writes Mark Hulbert. See full story.

Cheese prices pulp — though a tellurian trade brawl could hindrance their drop

Record U.S. reserve of cheese have contributed to a dump in prices this year, though prices might find wish of a turnaround in a enlarged tellurian trade dispute. See full story.

What NOT to buy on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s annual sales graduation really offers consumers a possibility to save—but not all deals are combined equally. See full story.

Would we ridicule Kylie Jenner’s $900 million happening if her name was Kyle?

No, Kylie isn’t self-made in a normal rags-to-riches sense, though conjunction are many of a world’s richest people. See full story.

You might have to reapply for your pursuit one day — here’s how to keep it

This restructuring use can feel uncomfortable, so ready by changeable your mindset. See full story.


Two tip executives from ITT, a now-defunct for-profit college, staid with a SEC final week. See full story.

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