Northstar Electronics, Inc. – $NEIK

NeiLogo400Northstar Electronics, Inc. (OTC: NEIK) has a long history of developing and manufacturing defense and commercial electronic and mechanical systems. The company is now being restructured to go forward with a renewed focus on the development of a new aviation business and carry out work to develop innovative sonar systems. In addition to a small number of internal personnel, Northstar's new business model utilizes outside expert associates to ensure they have world class talent working on our projects.


Historically, the company has developed a great deal of underwater sonar technologies that were sold to the likes of Lockheed Martin, who subsequently awarded the company several contracts. The company has since shifted its focus to the aerospace industry, where it is revolutionizing the turboprop single engine airplane.

In addition, the company recently announced they become a current reporting issuer. They are also intending to uplist to the QB tier.

For more information, view the company's new website at

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