Personal Finance Daily: How do we pierce on from ‘OK boomer?’ and is holiday overdrinking solemnly murdering us?

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Personal Finance
It’s apropos some-more affordable to buy a home in these 10 cities (and San Francisco creates a list)

Start with Allentown, Pa. The flip side? Homes in Tulsa are apropos reduction affordable.

How do we pierce on from ‘OK boomer?’

Boomer blaming, finger indicating and a generational divide: Shouldn’t we residence a genuine issues?

Winter charge could poke consumers to spend some-more on Cyber Monday, environment all-time sales record

A winter charge arrived Sunday on a East Coast, only in time for a biggest online selling holiday of a year.

‘I’m by no means a bullion digger, though we feel jerked around’ — he lived with his aged crony for 16 years and suspects he’s broke

‘I took him during his word since he’s been so constant perpetually and now we are scarcely broke.’

Is holiday drunkenness solemnly murdering us?

Obesity is an epidemic, a CDC says, though this investigate suggests holiday drunkenness and drunkenness is a contributing factor.

When it’s OK to contend ‘no’ to charities

Phil Buchanan, author of ‘Giving Done Right,’ offers recommendation on how to give wisely.

Here’s one thing we should be selling for this holiday season

This is a best time of year to make one big-ticket purchase, new information suggests.

What is your collateral gains taxation rate? Good doubt — it can get confusing

Tax Guy is here with answers.

‘I am formulation on maintaining a lawyer’ — My mom left her whole estate to my stepfather, so how can we explain what is justly mine?

‘Even if we mangle bread on Thanksgiving and have famous any other for many of your lives, we are not deliberate his child underneath a eyes of a law.’

10 diet hacks to assistance we remove weight

How to lie during dieting — and still strew pounds.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
Trump pronounced prepared to slap some-more tariffs on China but trade deal

President Trump is prepared to levy some-more duties on Chinese products in a deficiency of a trade deal, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross pronounced Monday, shortly after a boss announced a resumption of tariffs on Argentinian and Brazilian steel.

Trump debate says it will bar Bloomberg reporters over political-coverage policy

The Trump debate pronounced Monday it will not credential Bloomberg News reporters for debate events in a arise of a preference by a association not to examine owner Michael Bloomberg, a Democratic presidential hopeful.

Elizabeth Warren gets romantic after immature voter’s tear-jerker of a question

Elizabeth Warren, who has had a severe go of it in a polls lately, had a impulse during a city gymnasium in Iowa on Sunday night.

Former FBI counsel Lisa Page opens adult about Trump’s ‘sickening’ attacks — afterwards Trump responds with another one

Back in October, President Trump called out former FBI counsel Lisa Page by name — again — as he regaled an adoring Minneapolis throng with, as she put it, a “demeaning feign orgasm” that eventually led her to mangle her open silence.

Zelensky says he didn’t see Trump review as a ‘you give me this, we give we that’ scenario

“I did not pronounce with U.S. President Trump in those terms,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly told a German newsmagazine Der Speigel.

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