Precious Investments, Inc. – $PNIK


Precious Investments, Inc. (OTC: PNIK) is presenting investors and gem buyers and sellers alike with the opportunity to trade rare gems in a decentralized digital marketplace. This operations is called BitGems. BitGems will allow buyers and sellers to conveniently broadcast buy or sell offers to other users. The platform will support both fiat and cryptocurrency payments in a secure manner. It will also allow participants to display the gems in real-time at 1080p with 60 frames per second. The company's goal is to become a market maker in the diamond trade.

In addition to making the diamond trade process more efficient and liquid, BitGems would reduce risk by offering escrow/intermediary services as an option for all diamond transactions. This would ensure safety, in addition to the company's use of the Ethereum blockchain validation that occurs with each transaction. The use of blockchain technology ensures integrity and eliminates the possibility of trade forgery or other shady dealings.

The company is also focusing on offering its PinkCoin, which is a real asset-backed cryptocurrency, which are already for sale on Coinsquare and will soon be for sale on the PinkCoin Portal. The assets behind the PinkCoin, fancy, colorful diamonds, have actually become consistently more valuable over time, as compared to the assets backing most other currencies, which have declined in value.

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