Raadr, Inc. – $RDAR


Raadr, Inc. (OTC: RDAR) poses a very serious question for parents – are your children safe online? There are several online activity monitors that parents have trusted to protect their children online, but these tools are often intrusive and a total invasion of privacy. There is no need to comb through every post your child creates or sees online, and there's really not enough time in the day. Raadr offers a comprehensive monitoring solution that filters the content your child sends and receives in real-time and flags it for parental review if any threats are detected that could cause concern. The platform is accessible to parents on multiple viewing platforms, from mobile devices to desktops. These services are available at a small monthly fee from $1.95 to $9.95.

Cyber bullying has become an increasingly big problem across the globe. In prior generations, bullying often started and stopped with the school day. In this age, children can be exposed to hateful speech, put downs, and even threats at any hour of the day. The drama doesn't stop and start at school. It is continuous. There is research showing that 61% of overweight adolescents have received mean or embarrassing posts online and 59% of them have received mean texts, emails, or instant messages. These types of messages have been linked to lowering self-esteem, increasing depression and producing feelings of powerlessness (Anderson, Bresnahan, & Musatics, 2014). For a better look at some of the sad statistics behind cyber bullying, take a look at the Megan Meier Foundation website.

Learn more about how Raadr, Inc. (OTC: RDAR) helps in the fight against cyber bulling and keeps children safe by visiting their website.

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