Radware, Interview with Roy Zisapel, CEO

Watch the CEO Signature Series interview with Roy Zisapel, CEO of Radware Ltd. (RDWR).

Roy Zisapel, CEORoy Zisapel, CEO


Radware co-founder Mr. Zisapel has served as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director given a company’s pregnancy in Apr 1997. An dignitary in a networking record industry, Mr. Zisapel provides focused prophesy and instruction to Radware as it leads a marketplace in integrated focus smoothness solutions for business-smart networking.

Before first Radware, Mr. Zisapel destined investigate and growth projects for RND Networks Ltd., pioneering a company’s award-winning IP bucket balancing product line. Prior to this, Mr. Zisapel led algorithmic investigate for Madge Networks’ LAN ATM switch. Subsequent to Lucent’s 1998 merger of Madge Networks, a device was renamed a Cajun M770 multi-layer switch, apropos a pivotal component of Avaya’s networking suite. Mr. Zisapel began his career as a program operative during Algotech Systems, a medical imaging solutions company.

Mr. Zisapel graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. grade in arithmetic and mechanism scholarship from Tel Aviv University, where he was respected with a International Wolf Prize for investigate students. Additionally, Mr. Zisapel binds several U.S. patents and obvious applications in a areas of tellurian bucket balancing, network proximity, trade redirection and multi-homing.

About Radware:

Radware Ltd. was orderly in May 1996 as a house underneath a laws of a State of Israel and commenced operations in 1997. Our principal executive offices are located during 22 Raoul Wallenberg Street, Tel-Aviv 69710, Israel and a write series is 972-3-766-8666. Our website residence is www.radware.com (information contained on a website is not incorporated herein by anxiety and shall not consecrate partial of this annual report).

As of Sep 1, 1998, we determined Radware, Inc., a wholly-owned auxiliary in a United States, that conducts a sales and selling of a products in a Americas and is a certified deputy and representative in a United States. The principal offices of Radware Inc. are located during 575 Corporate Dr., Lobby 2, Mahwah, NJ 07430 and the write series is 201-512-9771. We also have several wholly-owned subsidiaries world-wide doing internal support and graduation activities.

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