Recon Technology, Ltd. – $RCON


Recon Technology, Ltd. (OTC: RCON) is the first Chinese oil and gas industry service company to be listed on the Nasdaq exchange in the U.S. The company's global partners and contracts have led the company's rapid growth and positioned them as a leader in supplying China's largest oil and gas companies. Recon has worked with tycoons such as Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corporation.

The company recently qualified for the opportunity to bid on projects for large state-run power companies as a contractor/subcontractor due to their history of having supplied some of the country's largest companies in the industry. This will allow the company to diversify their operations and open up a new source of revenue.


The company is truly multi-national and serves companies and projects in China, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and more. This allows the company to manage some of the oil and gas industry's volatility, by being involved in a wide array of markets worldwide.

Learn more about the company at their English website here.

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