Sanomedics, Inc. – $SIMH


Sanomedics International Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SIMH) is a healthcare sector innovator. They manufacture and distribute medical equipment for use at home and in hospitals, but they specialize in bringing high-quality medical devices to the home healthcare environment for personal use. These disruptive products are easy to use, effective, and affordable. Sanomedics recently acquired The Brace Shop, which fits in the company's strategy to bring effective devices to home markets.

In addition to The Brace Shop, the company is seeking acquisition opportunities related to treating and diagnosing sleep disorders. Their long-term strategy is to innovate and create preventative products rather than remedies to existing malaise.


The Brace Shop, Sanomedic's most recent acquisition, is among the fastest growing e-commerce stores for orthopedic braces in the USA. The company has sold millions of braces to their customers and brings a large audience for marketing opportunities. The company has been in business and profitable for over 15 years and brings along a talented team and host of knowledge. The company brings in over $7MM per year in revenue.

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