These are a tip 20 misfortune commutes in America

New York and Los Angeles might be famous for a many traffic-strewn highways, though a civil area with a longest normal one-way invert is East Stroudsburg, Penn.

That city surfaced a draft with 38.6 mins one way, according to a Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey 5-year estimates, forward of New York and Jersey City with 37.1 mins and New York and Newark areas with 35.9 minutes. Silver Spring, Md. came in fourth with 34.6 mins one way, with Washington, D.C. right behind it during 34.4 minutes.

U.S. Census Bureau investigate has found that those who rest on open transport typically have a longest commutes, even and generally workers who leave beginning in a morning. Workers who transport to work unsurprisingly have a shortest transport time. And workers who carpool take longer to get to work than those who expostulate alone.

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About 2.2 million U.S. workers have during slightest a one-hour invert to and from work, according to a U.S. Census Bureau, and those hours spent in movement could be stressful, potentially ruining health and marriages. Here are a few ways how:

• One-in-three employees with commutes of some-more than an hour and a half protest of pain in their necks and backs, a 2010 Gallup consult of some-more than 173,000 workers found.

• There is a 40% possibility of subdivision or divorce with prolonged commutes, according to a 2011 investigate by amicable geographer Erika Sandow during Umea University in Sweden, expected since of a aria it puts on one associate over a other for domicile chores and childcare, or since of a financial burdens of commuting.

• The longer a chairman is stranded travelling to and from work, a reduction time they have to practice or feel a proclivity to make healthier food purchases, a 2009 investigate by a Department of Community Health during Brown University found.

Of course, many metro areas have prolonged commutes that are distant from average. In Normantown, W. Va, some adults face a invert of some-more than 109 minutes, according to an research by automobile tools provider Auto Accessories Garage.

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About 86% of commuters expostulate to work, with some-more than three-quarters pushing alone, according to Census Bureau data. About 10% carpooled, a small some-more than 5% take mass transit, and some-more than 2% transport to work and reduction than 1% float a bicycle.

Approximately two-thirds of commuters contend they indeed suffer “me time” on their morning and dusk commute, a 2015 consult by Citi found. Some call family or friends (27%), review a book or repository (13%) and/or listen to song (85%).

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