Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) Announces Acquisition With Pending Sec Filing & Press Announcement

Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) which is expected to change its name Turner Venture Group, Inc. has announced engagement the services of the auditing firm Briggs & Veselka Co. as its certifying accountant. The appointment takes effect immediately according to Turner Venture Group SEC form 8-K fillings.

Turner says the decision to engage Briggs & Veselka Co was reached after an all-round evaluation by its Advisory Board and in agreement with its Chief Executive Officer. It further says it is a critical step towards completing the acquisition of the company’s banking partner which is still in the pipeline and will be made public in the near future. Briggs & Veselka Co will undertake an audit of the company’s financial statements for the past two years on an ongoing basis. It will help in the completion of SEC filings that are required for listing to the OTCQB marketplace tier.

Turner says it will fully implement the guidance that it issued previously and is expecting to complete the acquisition in the near future. Turner has already made remarkable steps into implementing the plan by initiating the necessary SEC filings. It is now aggressively working to produce good results and complete the acquisition as arranged.

In October 2016, the company converted half of its legacy debt into shares in its move to clear some of its standing liabilities. This was in preparation for the audit and the acquisition. The shares remained as preferred shares and the conversion was done to minimize the dilution effects the common shares.

Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) was incorporated under the laws of Nevada on April 21, 1999 as NetParts.com. The Company was originally organized to create a series of 16 specialized auto salvage yards whereby the salvageable components would be inventoried on a computer and listed on the internet. The Company, however, changed their operations and its name on July 24, 2003 to Turner Valley Oil & Gas Corporation. On July 1st, 2016 TVOG changed it’s name again to Turner Venture Group, Inc. and the company’s ticker symbol will remain TVOG.

Turner Valley Oil and Gas, Inc. is a business holding company which mainly focuses on energy related holdings. Turner Valley Oil and Gas acquisition structure is mainly focused on getting and evaluating profitable small to mid-sized firms

The Company's acquisition model is focused on finding and evaluating profitable small to mid-sized businesses as acquisition candidates where cash flow can be improved through its buy, build & bolt-on model within the energy, real assets, hemp, infrastructure, enterprise technology, food and beverage as well as manufacturing segments.

Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) announced that it has reached an agreement (“Acquisition Agreement”) to acquire operating, profitable business assets of an international bitumen tanker shipping company (“Shipping Company”) in the infrastructure and bulk product shipping sector in an all equity transaction. 

The Company is currently completing required SEC filings and thereafter submitting Press Announcement with details on the the acquisition. Upon completion of the Acquisition, the assets will be held by a wholly owned subsidiary of Turner Valley Oil & Gas, Inc.

Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) announced an initiative to keep investors informed of ongoing company activities and address shareholders questions promptly.

As Turner prepares to roll out the acquisition phase of its development, it is aware that investors have many questions regarding the company and the strategy moving forward.  As such, it will be providing a series of questions (Q & A’s) that investors are inquiring about, and the company will be providing the answers to the best of its ability below each question.

Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) announced it has engaged the independent auditing firm Briggs & Veselka Co. as its new certifying accountant, effective immediately as per Turner’s SEC Filing 8K yesterday.

Turner reached its decision to engage Briggs & Veselka Co. after a thorough evaluation by the Company’s Advisory Board and with the concurrence of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. This is a critical next step to completing the acquisition that is already being structured with Turner’s investment banking partner soon to be released in subsequent announcements. Briggs & Veselka Co. will audit the Company’s financial statements for the past two years, an ongoing basis, and  support completion of required SEC filings necessary for uplist to the OTCQB marketplace tier.

Turner Venture Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TVOG) is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is positioned as holding company with a history in the oil and gas sector. Turner Venture Group is currently focused on acquiring U.S based businesses with strong margins and growth potential, short Return On Investment (ROI) periods and a high Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

With a proven management team and tremendous access to off-market deal flow, Turner Valley has many potential M & A opportunities. TVOG is poised for tremendous growth and consequently, large public company multiples and increasing valuation for our investors.

Steve Helm, is the CEO and Chairman of the company. Over the past 24 years Steve Helm has served as a commercial real estate executive materially involved in the areas of finance, development/acquisition and property management. Prior to joining New Regional Planning as its CFO, from 2004 -2009 Steve served as Regional Director for Imperial Capital Bank/Bancorp (NYSE), launching the Texas/Rocky Mountain commercial real estate lending platform as part of the firm’s national expansion.

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