VinCompass Corp. – $VCPS

VinCompass Corp. (OTC: VCPS) recently released a report announcing that 92% of consumers experience anxiety when trying to pair their food with wine in a restaurant. This is a common pain point that the company intends to help solve. The company developed their flagship app, which is available on iOS and Android devices, to help consumers pair their meals with the right wine. It acts as a virtual sommelier, and asks only four questions before helping determine the right wine for the occasion.

The company has developed a complex algoithm that takes factors like the meal and budget and determines the right pairing for the moment. It is currently in private beta, and is seeking to expand and extend its wine database with wine lists from local restaurants before rolling out to a wider spread launch. The company intends to develop a distribution network to allow consumers to actually order their chosen wines, directly to their doorsteps.

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