Will a EURUSD Break Above 1.20?

EURUSD: 1.1996

EURUSD movement building to a upside with Amazing Trader ladders indicating adult opposite mixed time frames. Obvious pivotal turn is 1.20 as that will set a tinge going forwards with insurgency fibbing above it during 1.2004 and 1.2034 forward of a vital 1.2092 level. 

Note: The dollar has depressed opposite a house in skinny finish of year trade so be heedful if it continues to start a year as a initial week of a new year mostly sees fake starts and whipsaws, With that said, let’s demeanour during what Amazing Trader charts show:

One hour ladder:

Latest ladder started during 1.1936 so the ladder stage turn that need to reason along with 1.1923 to keep a risk on a upside intact. 

Daily ladder:

Amazing Trader resistance: 1.2004 – 1.2034 – 1.2092  (major level). Latest The AT ladder stage started during a 1.1816 turn with no corrections and a stream AT ladder started during 1.1713. Breakout levels were during 1.1940 and 1,1961, a section that needs to reason as support to keep 1.20 on a radar. 

Jay Meisle, founder



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