Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. – $DATI


Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. (OTC: DATI) has quickly made a name for itself as the world's first publicly traded accelerator/incubator (PAI). The company provides vetted and innovative startups with everything they need, from seed capital to mentorship, business development resources, network leverage, and other resources. This also creates a unique opportunity for investors, as previously only accredited investors and close family had the opportunity to invest in these companies at the ground floor. Now, everyday investors can indirectly invest in a professionally diversified portfolio of startups by investing in Digital Arts Media Network.

The company's Angels Plus program allows angel investors to invest in startups with a much shorter exit timeline. This drives a much quicker investment cycle and helps more startups gain funding. This is accomplished by moving startups to profitability and higher valuations as quickly as possible, then creating public investment vehicles to allow angels the ability to exit their initial positions.

OpenVision Labs

One of the portfolio startup companies that Digital Arts Media Network has an equity stake in is OpenVision Labs, an innovative live-streaming and digital communications systems provider based in Georgia. Digital Arts Media Network is working with the company to reach untapped international markets, develop exclusive entertainment content, and develop a more profitable business as a whole. Already, the company's valuation has gone from $2M to over $5M, which has left Digital Arts Media Network with an unrealized gain of 150% on its equity stake in OpenVision.

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