ECO Building Products, Inc. – $ECOB

ECO Building Products, Inc. (OTC: ECOB) is a manufacturer and coater of proprietary, environmentally responsible chemistry utilizing their Wood Surface Film and Fire Retardant Coating technology. Their products protect wood against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot & decay, and insects. Eco Building Products wood coatings are topically applied to a wide range of lumber products providing protection from mold, mildew, fungus, decay, wood rot, wood ingesting insects, including Formosan termites. Eco Red Shield™ (AFL & FT) also serves as a fire inhibitor; significantly increasing treated lumber’s resistance to fire, by way of decreasing the smoke (fire gases) index, slowing ignition time and flame spread.

In January of 2016, management took steps to narrow its focus to chemical product development, manufacturing and sales. This step was about effectively re-engineering the company's entire business model and closing its treating operations. While Eco’s chemistry can be applied to many diverse materials, to date, it has purposefully limited its attention to the various wood preservation markets. The Company views its current targeted market opportunity in two large sectors: 1) The overall softwood lumber market for which there has been no cost effective protection chemistry or technology heretofore and 2) the traditional wood preservation market. Eco Building Products is uniquely positioned to disrupt both sectors.

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