ImmunoClin Corporation ( OTCPink: $IMCL )

IMCLDisruptive Technology in E-Biosensing The use of pure electronic device able to identify pathogens and molecules as well as assessing genetic polymorphisms in combination with data processing and transmission has a potential to revolutionize

ImmunoClin Corporation is a United States healthcare company with principal office in Washington DC, European headquarters and laboratories in central London, United Kingdom. ImmunoClin concentrates its innovation on developing personalized and preventive strategies to fight inflammatory conditions that are the underlying cause of pathologies in multiple conditions affecting the majority of the human population: infections, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

ImmunoClin’s technology and know-how have enabled the Company to successfully identify and develop its own intellectual property related to proprietary immunological mechanisms. These targets form the basis for prognostic tests as well as for novel anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory therapies and innovative nutritional formulations.


ImmunoClin’s strategies include combining early detection with preventive and therapeutic actions tailored to individual genetic profile and personal choices of intervention incorporating the use of nutritional products and targeting modifications of the immune system.  

ImmunoClin’s patented concept in bio-sensing challenges state-of-the-art microfluidics and nano-biological methods and has the potential to revolutionize diagnostic technologies to detect nuclear polymorphisms, pathogens and molecules making this innovation an easy-to-use tool in the context of rapidly evolving personalized medicine.


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