Key Words: Trump asks 7-year-old if he still believes in Santa

A 7-year-old child called NORAD’s Santa hotline Monday night, and got a small bit some-more than he bargained for.

“Are we still a follower in Santa? Because during 7 it’s marginal, right?”

President Donald Trump

Trump was following White House tradition on Christmas Eve, holding calls from kids job a North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa tracker perplexing to find out if Santa was nearby their residence yet.

(No, he was in Morocco, initial lady Melania Trump — who was also fielding calls — told one child, though he’d be there by a morning.)

The boss told another child, “Have a good Christmas, and I’ll speak to we again, OK?”

NORAD’s Santa-tracker was still a go notwithstanding a sovereign supervision shutdown. The 63-year-old module is run by volunteers, and any supports it uses has already been authorized by a Defense Department.

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As for that 7-year-old, who pool reports identified as a child named Coleman, we can usually wish his relatives had a good answer if he asked because a boss had questioned his faith in Santa. (Eek.)

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