The Wall Street Journal: Nancy Dubuc takes over for Shane Smith as CEO of Vice Media

Shane Smith, a co-founder, code avatar and many manifest face of Vice Media, is handing a arch executive position over to A+E Networks CEO Nancy Dubuc as he stairs into a purpose of executive chairman, a association announced Tuesday.

Ms. Dubuc, who announced her depart from A+E Networks on Monday, has been a house member of Vice and a playmate of Mr. Smith’s for several years. She led A+E Networks’ $250 million investment in Vice Media, a understanding that incited A+E’s History channel spinoff, H2, into a Viceland channel.

Mr. Smith praised Ms. Dubuc as “better than me during everything” and pronounced her holding over as CEO would concede him to combine on “the usually things we am good at—content and deals.”

Ms. Dubuc will assistance Vice strike income targets and spin a profit, goals set by investors who have been fervent for an exit and undone by a association blank a income aim final year. In a statement, Mr. Smith pronounced all options are on a table. “As we go forward, Vice needs a best-in-class government group to strap all of this expansion and control the destiny, either it be staying independent, strategically partnering with someone or going public.”

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