Cannabis Science, Inc. – $CBIS

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC: CBIS) is one of the most senior publicly traded cannabis companies on the OTC markets. They have an expert team of scientists and doctors on their advisory and research teams, which have afforded the company a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the metabolic processes of the body and how cannabis can impact them. The company has targeted numerous maladies, including cancer, autism and other mental illnesses, AIDS, chronic pain, and general illness with its high-potency CBD-based drug development programs.

In 2016, Cannabis Science started forming a partnership with the Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to perform joint research on the efficacy of cannabis as a cancer treatment. The two entities are hard at work on researching cannabis interactions within the body, and are co-authoring research papers for submission to peer-reviewed medical journals. Not only will this help the company establish a greater credibility, but it will also help create a diverse intellectual property (IP) portfolio that the company can work to commercialize. This partnership has also led to future speaking engagements for the company, including one at the Harvard Global Health Catalyst in 2017; this creates networking opportunities with some of the leading minds and companies in the drug development and modern medicine industries.

The company is actively working to release a new line of products geared towards medical cannabis users that relieve asthma/COPD, sleep issues, chronic pain, and general illness. These products, including a DPI inhalation device and CBD Pain Patch, will be launched to the company's existing partner dispensaries in the Los Angeles area first, and will seek wider market acceptance in the following months.

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