EffTec International, Inc. – $EFFI

EffTec International, Inc. (OTC: EFFI) is a unique company that has made steady strategic acquisitions in the niche hydroponics and indoor plant growth hardware and nutrients markets. The company has exclusive rights to distribute a commercial nutrient line in these markets, and is filling orders to supply private label plant grow lighting as well. In addition to serving B2B markets in indoor growth (cannabis companies, primarily), the company has several B2C subsidiaries, including HempLife(R), which serves CBD-based products to consumers.

In addition to the tremendously diverse line of products the company currently sells, they have made very clear their intent to continue seeking strategic acquisition opportunities that will lead to organic growth. The company is heavily emphasizing capturing as much of the high cannabis industry growth as it can, and its recent acquisitions have been surrounding cannabis businesses. The company recently inked and agreement with Green Remedy Inc. that will improve the distribution and sales of its subsidiary, HempLife(R)'s 99% Pure CBD Products, including HempStart(TM) Energy Bars.

Revenue forecasts have been increasing steadily, and Jack Morris, the CEO of the company, recently said that P&L is improving more quickly than anticipated, so the company has had to increase its internal estimates for revenues and earnings. They are headed towards cash flow positive, and are working on finding only non-dilutive funding in order to protect and maintain shareholder value.

The company currently sells hydroponic equipment online at http://thefuturefarms.com.

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