Efftec Intl Inc (OTCMKTS:EFFI) Subsidiary Hemplife(R) Inks Agreement With Green Remedy Inc. And Announces Production Run Of Its Core Products

Efftec Intl Inc (OTCMKTS:EFFI) has announced its partnership with HempLife® and Green Remedy Inc, a reputed and upcoming hemp products.

According to the terms of the agreement, HempLife®, a subsidiary of Efftec will take the distribution of Green Remedy's line of 99% pure CBD products. Green Remedy Inc is based in Louisville, Ky and has Production Facility and Warehouse with space coverage of 35,000-sq.

On the other Green Remedy will sell Efftec’s HempStart™ Energy Bars in their existing retail locations in addition to Effec’s own distribution channels. Green Remedy boosts of a total of 1,200 locations. HempStart™ All Natural Energy Bars is offered in four delicious and health flavors i.e. Cherry, Blueberry, Pineapple Coconut and Apple

Additionally, Efftec hs announced scheduling a full production operation for the HempStart bars in the first week of March 2017.upon completing the production, the company will offer updates. The company also to start offering its breakfast products via a wide range of distribution channels

HempLife® which previously as a private entity and Midwestern Company was recently bought by Efftec. Despite the acquisition however, the company still under the management of Mr. Anthony Skinner, the company’s founder. Skinner has a long experience running into decades, big industry connections and contacts as well as ownership of a well established and marketable creative property such as Trademarks. This sets his products in a strong and strategic position of success with the Efftec’s help coupled with Green Remedy's resources

In a statement Skinner said by working and partnering with Green Remedy HempLife® stands to benefit from many opportunities as it will get a chance to spread its reach in terms of market share. He adds that following the success of the breakfast products in around 60 locations it is highly anticipated that the company will gain high levels of recognition and establish strong market footprints. With the massive and streamlined distribution services the company is expected to step its production capacity and increase of sales.

Efftec Intl Inc Com (OTCMKTS:EFFI) was pleased to announce that it has formed a wholly owned subsidiary domiciled in Florida, with the ability to do business in any state. “Red Light Gardening Solutions, LLC (RLGS)” will focus on Agricultural Technology and Engineering by providing leased facilities, plant growth consulting services, defined process controls/measurements as well as nutrients and equipment from our core product line.

While the strategic plan is to provide such services and products to many agriculture services companies over a wide variety of industries, the company was happy to announce that we have signed a three year exclusive agreement with an individual forming a not-forprofit LA based co-operative. Their stated focus is to grow high quality produce as well as support medical needs utilizing their approval to grow medical marijuana under California health and safety code section 11362.5. Under the agreement, RLGS will lease space in LA county California and provide a turnkey grow facility solution including processes, methods, nutrients, lighting and other needed equipment. RLGS expects to replicate this model, using a cookie-cutter approach, to create additional facilities as opportunities present themselves. The Company expects to receive recurring revenue from several sources, including lease payments, on-going outsourced consulting services as well as the sale of its core nutrient and lighting products. We expect this one project will return a minimum of $600K in revenue and, will net a profit of $300K+ over the life of the project.

Dr. John Morris Jr., CEO of Efftec International stated, “Utilizing our contacts in the indoor gardening sector we were able to identify a developing co-operative which needed funding to begin operations. We are pleased to help with this plant growth facility and look forward to helping others as they seek to grow local fruits, vegetables and flowers for healthy organic consumption.”

Efftec Intl Inc Com (OTCMKTS:EFFI) announced another order for $35K of high volume, consumable 1000W HPS grow lamps from HydroLight, based in Detroit, Michigan. We continue to see strong demand for our specialty lighting products for both indoor gardening and for hydroponic growing across all industries.

While the company is seeing exponential organic growth of our business, it is also focused on growing via acquisition. Efftec Intl are in advanced discussions with several businesses involved in the “nutrient” space, and expect to close an acquisition which will be accretive to earnings within a few weeks. The company have also been working with a “grow” facility in California where we will be providing consulting services, consumables and specialty products. They expect this business relationship evolve into a long term partnership and/or joint venture.

Dr. John Morris Jr. stated, “Our existing businesses are continuing strong growth and we anticipate closing at least one acquisition this quarter. We would like to thank our shareholders for their continued support.”

Efftec Intl Inc Com (OTCMKTS:EFFI)’s mission is to continue its steady growth and become a market leader through strategic acquisitions and organic growth.
The company's core business focus is on sales of hardware and nutrients into the hydroponics and indoor plant growth markets. Efftec has secured exclusive rights to distribute a commercial nutrient line into these markets, has received orders to supply private label plant grow lighting, has an established edible line of baking mixes and brings a developed line of indoor grow light safety sunglasses.

We stay on top of today's and tomorrow's technologies to ensure the enterprise is poised to take advantage of development in a way that benefits our enterprise and our Company's shareholders.

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